A 6 Month Old Baby Boy Weighing 6.1 Kilograms?

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Hello, I have a son who is 6 months old but weighs only 6.1 kilograms, I use exclusive breast milk. Based on the graph of the growth of children in the MCH book every month, the increase in children’s BB always shows a rising graph line, but below normal because the increase is only about 2-3 ounces each month. Physically my child is normal and active, sensitive to color stimulation, sound stimulation, likes to hold objects but likes to fuss.

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Babies aged 6 months generally will weigh 6.4-9.7 kg and length 63-71 cm in male infants, while in baby girls it is around 5.8 to 9 kg with length 61.5-70 cm. So that it can be interpreted that your baby's weight is less or below the normal line. To assess a baby's development, some elements need to be assessed including motor skills, speech and social abilities.

In motor skills, a 6-month-old baby can sustain a portion of his body weight so he will respond when given assistance to stand on his lap or stand on the floor holding both of his armpits. This is very important to stimulate the leg muscles in preparation for further growth, which is crawling. Like dropping objects on the floor so that the sound will appear in babies aged 6 months, besides getting interested in small objects and also starting to easily roll forward and back or lift objects with one hand and move to the other hand.

The ability to speak in 6-month-old babies is generally by chatter combining consonants and vowels such as 'ba', 'ah' or 'ma', but of course this will appear different between one baby with another, there is an ability to speak early, there is slow ones. Motor skills and understanding of language usually develop faster than speaking ability, so that sometimes a 6-month-old baby can shake his head if he disagrees, waves, or even points at something he wants. Reading stories from picture books and singing will stimulate the ability of the language to develop better.

Social abilities at this time include appearing to attract attention either by actions that are fun or not like shouting, banging, dropping objects or other ways other than how to cry, he was able to respond positively to the presence of a new face and immediately be familiar with people who he thinks interesting. It is fun playing with parents and close relatives, happy to see one's reflection in the mirror, and can recognize the faces of parents and relatives whom he often encounters, and can recognize the faces of strangers.

To ensure that your child's growth and development is still within normal limits, you should check your child at a pediatrician to assess how each of the aspects of motor skills, language and social. From there it can be concluded whether its development in the age category or below, besides that the medical interview is certainly very supportive of the results of the assessment because the conditions of birth before what will affect the growth and development of a baby. You can also consult with a nutritionist to increase your child's weight, but of course have passed a complete physical examination conducted by a doctor to find out if there are other health factors that make it difficult to reach a normal weight at his age.

Some things you can do while at home to ensure the growth and development of your baby is good is to give solid food as solids, this can also increase his weight. You can provide nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruits. Avoid foods that contain salt, excess sugar or preservatives. Try to process fresh food independently at home so that food hygiene is guaranteed. And provide clothes that are loose and comfortable for your child, and clothes that can absorb sweat easily.

So that we can convey, hopefully useful. Thanks.

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