A 9 Month Old Baby Doesn’t Want To Eat?

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My child is 9 months old, so far he does not want high school MPASI, at the age of my 6 month old child, I give MPASI in the form of fine porridge and my child does not want high school to eat it, for now exclusive breastfeeding is provided. every day, and even formula doesn’t want to, too long. Thank you

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MPASI is an abbreviation of complementary food for breast milk, given starting at 6 months old children with filtered porridge beginning as an early stage food which is then gradually improved texture according to the age and baby's Readiness. Porridge prepared for infants must meet nutritional needs including carbohydrates, animal protein, vegetable protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and fiber. At the beginning of administration, the baby's food portion is not much and the frequency of eating is not frequent. But all that will be gradually increased according to the needs of the baby.
some things that can be an indicator of the success of giving MPASI and ASI for babies are weight gain, height, smooth bowel movements and baby calmness. What about your baby's weight and height? Is it in accordance with his current age? You can see the suitability by using a card to health card (KMS) that you can get from the nearest Posyandu. Generally, babies who get enough food intake will be more calm. What about your baby, is your baby fussy?
Is your baby really not eating food at all? If you give the baby frequent snacks such as biscuits or other snacks, of course this makes the baby become unwilling to eat because biscuits themselves contain carbohydrates that can satiate while snacks contain high levels of salt which can also cause satiety in babies but do not have the nutritional content that is enough for the growth and development of the baby. It is better to avoid giving baby snacks, especially within 3 hours before the time of giving MPASI.
Try to note the texture of baby food, is it appropriate for the age of the baby? Also pay attention to the taste, you can use salt, sugar and aromatic herbs, including onions, garlic and onions. Also vary the menu every day. And MPASI which will be given to babies at that time, is the fresh one (freshly cooked). Avoid giving warmed MPASI because it's no longer fresh in terms of smell and taste for the baby, besides that, the nutritional content is already damaged.
The most important thing is not to give MPASI when the baby is sleepy and crying.
If with the tips above the baby still does not want to receive his MPASI, immediately consult a pediatrician or take the baby to the nearest posyandu.
Read how to give baby MPASI here.
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