A Baby With High Fever Then Drops Below Normal Is It Dangerous?

Illustration of A Baby With High Fever Then Drops Below Normal Is It Dangerous?
Illustration: A Baby With High Fever Then Drops Below Normal Is It Dangerous? drstevesilvestro.com

Day, my baby is very hot from Monday night accompanied by coughing runny nose cough and liquid pup (once a day pooped). My baby is 6 months old, my baby can’t take medicine, every time he takes medicine he vomits. And from Tuesday my baby coughs every cough vomiting until a day can be a dozen times vomiting. On Friday I went to the doctor and explained that my baby had high fever, coughing up vomiting, and could not take medicine. And the doctor suggested taking sweet medicine and it could be mixed with food, so my baby could get medicine mixed with mpasi. But my baby even added heat to 39.4 dc. Eating is difficult, drinking milk must be forced. But today on Sunday my child’s body temperature dropped to 35 dc. His body was cold but he wasn’t active when he was hot. Is this dangerous or normal? And what should I do, thank you

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Fever is a condition of increasing body temperature exceeding 38 degrees Celsius measured using a thermometer. Fever is a response of the body's immunity to viral infections, bacterial infections, or bacterial infections. Fever can occur due to infections in organ systems throughout the body (respiratory tract, digestive tract, urinary tract), autoimmune processes in the body.

In the condition of your child vomiting accompanied by high heat can be suspected gastrointestinal disorders that occur in your child. It is advisable to exercise control with your doctor or pediatrician regarding the examination and management of your child's condition. Heat-lowering medications and medications to reduce vomiting can be given so that children can eat and drink and avoid dehydration.

A decrease in temperature can occur due to consumption of heat-lowering drugs, it is recommended to try to re-measure and ensure the condition of your child is not in an environment that is too cold. It is recommended to follow the treatment regimen from a doctor, avoid stopping or changing the treatment regimen yourself without doctor's instructions.

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