A Blood-filled Clot Comes Out During A Young Pregnancy?

Illustration of A Blood-filled Clot Comes Out During A Young Pregnancy?
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I was 9 weeks pregnant bleeding for days “until I was hospitalized .. There was like a thin sac mixed with blood and the midwife said it was tissue. When at the hospital on ultrasound the heartbeat was still there and an erosion was detected .. If I did the erosion would bleed If after intercourse, I did not have intercourse and fresh blood kept coming out .. Does it affect fetal development?

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The discharge of a blood-filled clot during early pregnancy can occur for a variety of reasons, including cervical erosion. This condition occurs when the squamous cell lining on the outside of the cervix is ​​replaced by columnar epithelial cells that should be in the inner cervix. As a result of this condition, the cervix is ​​more easily infected and inflammation occurs. The exact cause of this condition is not known for sure. However, several factors, including pregnancy, postpartum, and the use of oral contraceptives are strongly suspected to trigger this. Recurrent vaginal infections can also further increase your risk of cervical erosion.

Not only does bleeding occur during intercourse, it could also cause cervical erosion to cause other abnormal bleeding, including bleeding during pregnancy as you experience. In addition, other complaints may also arise, such as excessive vaginal discharge, it can also be accompanied by a bad smell if the cervix then becomes infected.

Apart from cervical erosion, recurrent bleeding from the birth canal that you experienced during pregnancy occurs due to imminent abortion, which is the threat of miscarriage. This condition can be triggered by many factors, including genetic abnormalities in the fetus, deformity and position of the uterus, autoimmune disorders, infection during pregnancy, severe physical or psychological trauma, to environmental factors (such as radiation exposure, cigarette smoke, drugs), and so on. .

If it is true that your fetus looks good on an ultrasound examination, it is likely that your condition is not dangerous. However, if the bleeding still appears a lot until now, there is nothing wrong with having to go back to the doctor or obstetrician. Heavy bleeding during pregnancy can clearly have a negative impact on the fetus you are carrying, because it can cause anemia and reduced blood supply. to the fetus. Not only that, this condition is also prone to cause you to have a real miscarriage (abortion incipient). With a thorough monitoring and examination from a doctor, of course the best treatment can be given.

In the meantime, you can do the following steps:

Avoid sexual intercourse first before the doctor says it is safe Always keep your intimate area clean. Do not put anything, including drugs, into the genitals without the doctor's advice. Get plenty of rest. Drink and eat foods rich in vitamin K and iron. Do not be too tiring. Do not smoke. Hope it helps ..

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