A Bump Appeared In The Upper Right Neck?

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i am 27th man there is a lump in the upper right neck, under the ear. about a year or so. but the past week has been enlarged, painful, and red like boils. after I brought it to the clinic, the doctor performed the surgery. Its contents are like pus, said the doctor because it has an infection. after the operation is installed like a small hose and then covered with bandages. he said so that the liquid could come out. and I prescribe 8 types of medicine. then the doctor advised me to come back tomorrow. before going home I forgot to ask what illness happened to my neck. the doctor did not explain clearly what the disease was.

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Hello Persistent, thank you for asking.

First, I will try to set the term 'lymph nodes' first. Most ordinary people have a misconception about the term. Actually, lymph nodes are a type of gland that normally is found in the human body. Every human being normally has to have lymph nodes, which function for the activation of the body's immune system. Thus, the term 'lymph node' is not a diagnosis or name of a disease, but rather the name of the body's normal structure. Lymph nodes include those found in the neck, armpits, abdominal cavity, and groin.

Well, in lymph nodes, the same as other types of glands, various disorders can also occur. Disorders of the lymph nodes generally cause enlarged size, can be accompanied by pain or not. The most common disorder is lymphadenopathy in the form of enlarged lymph nodes. Most often caused by an infection in a body system. For example, if someone has a cold cough, the lymph nodes in the neck area can enlarge. When the infection can be overcome, generally lymphadenopathy will deflate.

In your case there are several possible conditions, namely:

Lymphadenitis, an infection that affects the lymph nodes. Infection can be caused by bacteria or viruses. It may be that this infection causes an abscess so that the lymph nodes get enlarged, redness, pain, and blood or pus.
Glandular TB, an infection caused by bacteria that causes pulmonary TB, but occurs in the gland. The treatment is the same as pulmonary TB treatment, which is 6-9 months.
Infection in the structure around the lymph nodes.
The worst possibility is malignancy or metastasis of malignancy in lymph nodes. Surely someone must pass a series of examinations which include physical examination, blood laboratory, biopsy, or MRI. Diagnosis of malignancy is generally a last resort. The doctor will try to find other diagnoses that are lighter and more likely first.

So from the above explanation you can examine that not all disorders of the lymph nodes are fatal or severe. You should routinely control your doctor so that progress can be monitored. Observe your lump, whether there is improvement or not after pus drainage action. Sometimes repairs can occur slowly for several weeks. If after about 2 weeks you do not see any signs of your lumps drying up or shrinking, then you should go back to the doctor to get further action. At this time you should follow your doctor's instructions on how to take medication and treat wounds.

Thus the info from us, hopefully your problem will soon find a solution. Regards.

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