A Child’s Ear Bleeds When It Is Being Cleaned?

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Afternoon … 5 days ago I cleaned the ears of my 3.5-year-old child, suddenly he reflexively moved, so he cried and bled. Already taken to the ENT dojter and given syrp antibiotics, ear drops, and ibuproven. But after each ear drops, it always bleeds again … and if you look at the walls of the ear canal it’s a little white, but he doesn’t complain of pain, what I want to ask: r n1. Is that an infection? R n2. his ear was torn and why didn’t the blood stop? r nThank you doctor …

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Hi Nofals,

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It is not recommended to clean the ears of children in too deep, let alone use sharp objects, such as contact buds, matches, or wires. Wrong-wrong, an action that originally aimed to make earwax come out, precisely in injuring the ear causing bleeding. Not only that, the process of cleaning the ear that is not right can also make the dirt accumulate further inward, not even out.

Blood from the ear as your child is experiencing may be caused by injury to the ear, can be earlobe, ear canal, or eardrum. If it is limited to the leaves and ear canal, and the wound is small, often this condition is harmless and will improve in 1 to 2 weeks. However, if the wound is the eardrum, then you need to be vigilant because this condition can cause your child to decrease hearing function. Not only that, a torn eardrum can also facilitate the entry of harmful substances into the ear to cause infection.

If you already have your child checked by an ENT specialist and received treatment, then your action is appropriate. Give your child treatment as recommended by the doctor. Slowly, the complaint will certainly decrease with the cessation of bleeding.

However, if there is a lot of blood that comes out, accompanied by secreting odorous discharge from the ear, such as pus, or a child who has pain, swollen ears, fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness that are heavy enough, do not hesitate to have your child re-examined to the doctor or a specialist ENT yes .. Doctors can do the examination using a special tool, namely otoscopy. If it is true that your child's eardrums are torn, and the tears are small, often this condition will improve by itself. However, if the tear is large enough, then surgery (tympanoplasty) can also be considered by doctors.

At this time, in addition to taking medication as directed by your doctor, you should take the following steps:

Clean the blood that comes out using a clean tissue
No more cleaning the child's ear by piercing it using sharp objects (just clean the outside only), then check your child's ears regularly to the ENT specialist every 6 months)
Don't panic
Give the child time to get enough rest
Give your child enough food and drink to be nutritious

Hope this helps ...

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