A Cough That Doesn’t Heal And Is Short Of Breath?

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, If you have experienced symptoms of lung cancer. But not at the same time, for example this year I coughed and didn’t heal for 1 month, and every few months after my cough healed I felt shortness of breath. Well, this can be said of the symptoms of cancer or just ordinary pain

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A cough that does not heal and shortness of breath does not always refer to lung disorders, including cancer. It could also be that these two complaints arose for other reasons. If coughing and tightness do not appear together, it could also be, the two complaints arise due to different causes and are not interrelated.

Here we describe some conditions that often cause a long cough and shortness of breath:

Causes of long-standing cough: allergies, chronic sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia, asthma, lung cancer, gastroesophageal reflux disease, congestive heart failure, side effects of drugs (for example anti-hypertensive drugs)
Causes of shortness of breath: allergies, asthma, pneumonia, pneumothorax, bronchitis, pleural effusion, gastroesophageal reflux disease, heart problems, kidney disorders, excessive anxiety disorders, panic attacks, etc.

Not yet certain where the conditions underlying your complaints if there is no direct examination by a doctor or specialist in internal medicine. Therefore, it is better to check yourself as early as possible to the nearest health facility, yes. Further examination, such as x-rays, heart records, ultrasound, sputum testing, and so on may be doctor's advice so that your condition can be handled on target.

To help you resolve your complaint, try first:

Reduce the following types of food and drinks:
Cold drinks, containing artificial sweeteners
Greasy, coconuty, berasas food
Foods that cause you to be allergic

Expand eat fruits that are rich in vitamin C
Drink plenty of warm water
Avoid contact with substances that cause you to be allergic, including smoke, dust, mites, pollution, cold, pollen, animal hair
Don't use air conditioner or excessive fan, use air humidifier if possible
No excessive shouting
Use a mask
Exercise regularly
Do not smoke

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