A Cough That Never Heals?

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I have pulmonary TB. I have been on medication for 6 months and there are no holes. When I checked in the 6th month my lung doctor said that there had been improvement and my smear was negative. I was asked by the doctor to stop taking TB medicine because it was finished. But until now (2 months after stopping taking medication) my cough did not heal well. One not ago I checked again and the BTA was negative.

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 Tuberculosis is an infection of the lungs by the bacterium Micobacterium tuberculosis. This infection is easily transmitted through the air and causes inflammation of the lung tissue. Typical symptoms of tuberculosis include coughing for more than 2 weeks, bloody cough, prolonged low-grade fever, weight loss or difficulty rising, always sweating even when not on the move, decreased appetite, fatigue, chest pain and shortness of breath. Tuberculosis is treated with anti-tuberculosis (OAT) drugs that are given within a period of 6 months.

If the patient performs routine treatment every day for 6 months and there are improvements from symptoms such as coughing reduced, weight gain, excessive sweat loss also decreases, no tightness, sputum test results are negative and the chest x-ray results show improved lung picture then the tuberculosis treatment can be stopped and the patient recovered from tuberculosis infection.

Cough complaints that are still experienced even though they have finished doing treatment, can occur due to recurring infections / TB cases of recurrence, drug resistance, scar tissue that forms in the lungs after infection or due to infection with ordinary viruses.

If someone has suffered from TB infection and performs routine treatment then heals, then some time later feels symptoms of recurrence such as coughing, weakness, decreased appetite, often sweating, it is necessary to further evaluate and think about drug resistance that causes germs to become resistant TBV drugs. Therefore, examination of drug resistance needs to be done on patients suspected of having a recurrence.

However, if you only experience a cough without other TB complaints, there are still other possibilities / causes that can trigger the onset of the complaint. Most coughs are caused by scar tissue that forms in the damaged lung area resulting from TB infection. Infected tissue will heal, but cause scarring that can interfere with air exchange activities. Another possibility is due to a virus infection that is easily transmitted from other people who carry the cough and cold viruses.

Therefore, we recommend that you carry out an examination to the nearest doctor or lung specialist to get further evaluation. Drug resistance testing may be needed if you show symptoms of recurrence. The doctor will also provide appropriate medical and therapeutic considerations that are appropriate to your condition.
 Take care of your health by adopting a healthy lifestyle so that your immunity is maintained. TB germs are very easy to become active when a person's immunity is declining.

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