A Cough That Never Heals?

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please advise.Dated March 13, my fever accompanied by a sore throat and flu. I tried to anticipate by taking paracetamol and habatussaudah. The heat dropped and a cough appeared. On March 16, Monday, I went to the hospital because the situation also did not improve, body heat at this time was 36.3 ° and the doctor said I had a common sore throat. And given a heat reliever and cough branded alpara and medicine magh because when I checked my stomach acid rose. After a few days taking medicine. At the moment on March 20, I still cough, when the cough on the head feels warm, sometimes there is phlegm and no phlegm. Colds are gone. But when my body coughs anget when I wake up in the morning, my body is lethargic and still feels uncomfortable. What should I do? Right now I’m only in my room, I don’t dare to go out if it’s not very important, because the position is still like coughing 3-4 times.

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There are complaints of cough, runny nose and fever that have started to appear since March 13 and until March 20, 2020, this still leaves a limp body, cough, and feverish body; then this condition is probably caused by strep throat. So if after 7 days your condition has not improved, and you have tried to rest at home and have not been active, then you should now visit or consult your family doctor or your ENT doctor for further examination and further treatment. If the medication that you are getting is out, then you should continue to re-control the doctor, convey the treatment that you have gotten. Thus the doctor can carry out an evaluation, and a re-physical examination related to your current clinical development. If needed, a blood examination or radiological examination can also be done to help confirm your clinical condition or cause of the complaint you are feeling.

Regarding the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, in general, the symptoms that you are experiencing do not lead specifically to Covid-19. Where some of the symptoms in Covid-19 patients can be:

 Cough Fever more than 38 degrees Celsius Shortness Not known with certainty the cause of pain currently experienced There is a history of contact with suspicious corona infections or positive patients Corona in the last 14 days There is a history of traveling to wilayab at risk according to the Ministry of Health mapping (within the last 14 days) However, even if there is no risk of Corona infection, the efforts you make by restoring your health at home and carrying out activities as needed are positive steps for your recovery and prevent transmission of laryngitis to others. This is certainly also accompanied by an examination and consultation efforts to the doctor as described above.

You can try several other things in this recovery period, such as:

 Avoid sleeping late at night Avoid playing HP or computer until past your resting needs Avoid spicy foods, instant foods, oily foods and beverages in optimal packaging Optimal nutritious food and water according to your needs Cigarette cigarettes Do light stretches in the morning and evening to help reduce the complaints of weakness that you feel You can start your activities after recovering and recovering use a mask when sick or when you've recovered, especially if you are at risk nationally to get used to wash your hands Thus the info we can convey.

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