A Diet Plan By Taking Orlistat And Folic Acid For The Pregnancy Program, Is It Safe?

Illustration of A Diet Plan By Taking Orlistat And Folic Acid For The Pregnancy Program, Is It Safe?
Illustration: A Diet Plan By Taking Orlistat And Folic Acid For The Pregnancy Program, Is It Safe? pharmica.co.uk

Good night. I want to ask, I am married ± 1 year. Not yet blessed with a child. In my month I wanted to go on a diet by taking orlistat medicine. But I also wanted to make a program. my tb is 160cm, what should I do? If there is a friend, if fat, can make it difficult to get pregnant. if I want to progil, what should I do.

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Hi Reza,

Thank you for the question.

It's true, obesity can make a woman more difficult to get pregnant. This is due, excess body fat can have an estrogen-like effect that disrupts the balance of reproductive hormones whose function is to regulate ovulation.

In addition to being overweight, various other factors can also make it more difficult for you to get pregnant, for example aging, unhealthy lifestyles, history of using certain types of birth control, experiencing disorders of the fallopian tubes (eg inflammation or blockage), experiencing hormonal disorders (for example due to gland abnormalities thyroid, diabetes), disorders of the reproductive organs (eg polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, myomas), anatomic disorders of the uterus or cervix, or also due to other chronic diseases. Fertility disorders in your partner can also make pregnancy more difficult.

Therefore, dealing with conditions like yours should be done comprehensively. You should not take drugs or supplements carelessly, especially in the long run, without first consulting a doctor. Although it is not known to cause negative interactions when taken together, the orlistat drug that you mentioned does not belong to a class of over-the-counter medicines, so its consumption must be carried out under the supervision of a doctor. Folic acid too, if you want to be consumed long term, it is better to ask the doctor first ..

At this time, we recommend, you and your partner check each other to see a doctor or obstetrician. Physical examination, interviews related to general health conditions, or also supporting tests, such as blood tests, hormone tests, sperm analysis, ultrasound, and so on, maybe the doctor will also do it in order to determine what kind of pregnancy program you can both try to get pregnant. For now, to increase your chances of getting pregnant, you and your partner should:

Having sex regularly every 2 to 3 days
Get plenty of rest, avoid staying up late
Eat more foods rich in folic acid (for example avocado, banana, broccoli, celery), vitamin C (for example guava, citrus, strawberry), vitamin E (for example fish oil, whole grains), and other antioxidants
Don't get used to eating instant and preserved food
Work out routinely every 1-2 days, at least 30 minutes of the feeling --- try to achieve the ideal body weight (for height 160 cm, your ideal body weight should not exceed 58 kg)
Avoid smoking, consuming alcohol or taking any drugs
Make both of your minds calm, don't think about an excessive problem
Give up and pray to God to give the best results

Hope this helps ...

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