A Feeling Of Stiffness In The Ear Like A Stuffy Nose

Illustration of A Feeling Of Stiffness In The Ear Like A Stuffy Nose
Illustration: A Feeling Of Stiffness In The Ear Like A Stuffy Nose

Afternoon dock, want to ask my father aged 50 years already almost two months feels stiff like buzzing clogged in the ear. Already had checked directly to the doctor that there was nothing clean in his ear. If that’s the case why?

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Hello Lutfiah, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com

Problems in the ear where there is a feeling like stuffiness, but no dirt is found in the ear, can occur due to several things. Among these are allergies, sinusitis, colds, or due to changes in altitude when boarding a plane. In addition, symptoms that your father can feel are the result of symptoms of hearing loss due to age, because the older a person is, his nerve function will decrease so that there will be obstacles to hearing and hearing loss can also occur. In addition, the following are the things that cause hearing loss:

Loud noise. Hear loud sounds for a long time such as airplanes or explosions. Sounds with noise levels of up to 79 decibels are still considered safe for humans.
Infection. Infection can occur in the ear, or in other organs around the ear, such as the sinuses (cavities in the skull) that have sinusitis by starting with a prolonged runny nose.
Trauma. Trauma can cause a ruptured eardrum that results in interference with the ear and hearing

To reduce the symptoms that your father feels, you can try the following tips:

Removing air from the nose by closing one nostril and expelling air through the other nostril

Keeping the head upright, because with the head bent position makes the head pressure on the ear higher.
Avoid extreme temperatures (too hot or too cold), because they can worsen ear problems

If there are complaints that interfere with the ear continues or you want to clean earwax in a safer way, you should consult an ENT doctor.

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