A Good Diet For The Body?

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is the honey diet good for the body? I am a 19 year old woman and very fat, my body weight reaches 90 kg, and my mother advised me to go on a honey diet by consuming 1 sachet of honey in the morning, eating a little rice and drinking another sachet of honey in the afternoon. is it not good or even recommended?

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Hi Sri, thanks for asking on HealthReplies.com. Honey consists of various ingredients, including water, sugar, antioxidants, flavonoids, phenolics, vitamin E, vitamin C, amino acids, and minerals such as zinc and iron. Of course these substances are very beneficial for the body.

Honey has many benefits, including lowering sugar levels. There are also those who say that honey is also useful for lowering cholesterol and losing weight. A study says that the use of honey in place of the usual sugar can provide better weight loss. However, these things still need to be investigated further regarding the type of honey that is most beneficial for this.

For the condition of obesity that you experience can be said to be obese. Obesity is a very high fat accumulation in the body that makes body weight outside the ideal limit. Obesity is due to a person eating high-calorie foods that are not balanced with the activities carried out every day. For example, if we eat a lot, but the activity is just sitting and not actively exercising, then the remaining energy from burning calories will be stored in the body in fat.

Obesity or overweight can be treated by routinely implementing a healthy diet, such as consuming foods low in fat and sugar, and exercising regularly. It is recommended to exercise 2.5 -5 hours per week.

To find out your overall health condition, you are advised to consult a clinical nutrition specialist. The doctor will conduct an examination in the form of questions, a physical examination in the form of an examination of nutritional status, and supporting examinations if necessary. You can also read the articles “Benefits of Honey” and “Obesity” which may also help you. May be useful. Thanks.

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