A Good Medicine For Dealing With Fever?

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My husband is very hot, I have tried to give Panadol, Vermint … but the heat is not missing the doctor

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Hello Inshira,

Thank you for the question.

High heat in adults most often indicates an infection, can be due to viruses, bacteria, or also other microorganisms. Other factors, such as exposure to excessive heat, hyperthyroidism, inflammatory disorders, malignancies, side effects of drugs, etc. often also make body heat. Frequently, this body heat does not appear alone, but is also accompanied by other complaints that can help doctors predict the possible cause.

Need to be clarified, besides heat, are there other complaints that your husband experienced? How many times has his body been hot?

If the heat experienced by your husband has only occurred 1-3 days without any severe complaints accompanying him, often you do not need to worry. You can give him the drug Paracetamol first, while making sure he drinks a lot (2-3 liters a day), get plenty of rest, eat regularly a variety of foods that have a balanced nutritional value, wear clothes that warm and absorb sweat, and do not carelessly take other medicines unless prescribed directly by a doctor. If the heat continues to recur, you can repeat paracetamol every 4-6 hours with doses ranging from 325 to 650 mg per drink.

However, if within 3 days his body heat does not go away, or other heavier complaints appear, such as stiff necking, vomiting, skin rashes, spasms, bowel obstruction, convulsions, mental confusion, and even a decrease in consciousness, then check with him immediately. to the doctor or doctor of internal medicine so that further treatment is given according to the cause huh ..

I hope this helps.

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