A Gym Tool Suitable For Scoliosis?

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Good afternoon, I want to ask. I developed scoliosis when I was in 10th grade (not congenital). My right shoulder dropped a little and made my left rib different from the right because my left rib was protruding. N n What advice from a doctor about a gym tool that is suitable for scoliosis sufferers like me? The problem is I want to make my body contain n nThank you,

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Hello Acerojer,

Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine making it appear "S" shaped. This condition can cause several symptoms such as high shoulders, shoulder blades, protruding hips, body leaning to one side, and severe scoliosis respiratory problems and heart problems can occur.

Scoliosis can be identified from interviews, physical examinations, and X-rays. Scoliosis management depends on the severity of the scoliosis and the condition of each patient. Mild scoliosis less than 50 degrees may not require surgery but periodic observation and use of a brace to prevent the scoliosis from getting worse. However, if the scoliosis is more than 50 degrees it is generally recommended for surgery.

People with scoliosis are strongly encouraged to exercise, but not all sports can be done by people who have scoliosis. Not all scoliosis sufferers can do the same exercise because it really depends on the condition of the spine.

Some of the recommended exercises for scoliosis include swimming, bicycling, light stretching, and yoga (not all techniques are allowed). For fitness or the gym itself, this really depends on your condition. Not all scoliosis sufferers are allowed to do the gym or fitness because lifting weights or doing weight training can potentially worsen the condition of their scoliosis or trigger pain.

Therefore I suggest that you consult with an orthopedic doctor before doing strenuous exercise. The doctor will evaluate the condition of your scoliosis and provide recommendations for the most suitable exercises for you.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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