A Hard Chapter In A 2 Week Old Baby?

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I want ty ,, my baby was 2 weeks old the chapter was smooth and there were no problems but today somehow the chapter was hard to cry. My baby drinks 1 dose of lactogen fluorine as recommended by the hospital. 60c 2 measuring spoon. R nHow can cr handle so that the baby chaps are not hard?

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From the information you have conveyed, there are complaints of difficult defecation in babies aged 2 weeks, possibly due to the hardness of your baby's PUP. In infants with breast milk, naturally, defecation can occur about 5 times per day. And if your baby is using formula milk, at one point your baby's drinking frequency may increase or the concentration of the milk is excess, causing your baby's bowel movements to become harder.

For now, you can use this sufor by lowering its concentration within a few days, thus, hopefully reducing your baby's PUP hardness. In addition, you can help provide light movements by bending the baby's legs at the knees and moving them away and closer from your baby's stomach, with this movement, it is hoped that digestive contractions will help encourage your baby's difficult bowel movements.

However, you should consult directly with your family doctor or your pediatrician for examination and evaluation of complaints in your baby. The doctor will provide the necessary care and medication.

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