A Large, Pus-filled Lump In The Corner Of The Lips And Cheeks?

Illustration of A Large, Pus-filled Lump In The Corner Of The Lips And Cheeks?
Illustration: A Large, Pus-filled Lump In The Corner Of The Lips And Cheeks? media.allure.com

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A large, pus-filled lump around the lips is most likely caused by a bacterial infection. These infections are often caused by the normal flora that inhabit the outer layer of the skin. This normal flora can enter into the deeper layers of the skin and then multiply, giving rise to an abscess, usually the result of a wound on the skin that has not received adequate care. In addition, decreased endurance of patients, for example due to lack of nutrition, fatigue, stress, long-term steroid consumption, and several diseases can also facilitate this infection. Some types of infections that can cause a purulent lump around the lips are folliculitis, impetigo, abscess, and so on.

A skin infection that is quite severe, not only can cause local complaints on the skin, but also some systemic symptoms, such as fever, nausea, dizziness, headache, decreased appetite, muscle and joint pain, and various other complaints. Blood pressure can also increase due to the illness you are suffering from, which causes an increase in the production of stress hormones in the body, which has an effect on increasing the work of the heart and narrowing the diameter of the blood vessels.

If based on the results of the examination it is concluded that all your complaints come from inflammation due to infection around your lips, then definitive treatment really needs to be done by overcoming the lumps and infections, including excision and drainage (surgery to remove the lump and drain pus), administration of antibiotics, and other medicines according to the complaints that arise.

Still bleeding and pus from the lump on your neck may indicate that the residual infection debris in the lump is still not completely clean. This condition is possible if the origin of the lump is deep enough and firmly attached to the surrounding tissue. The right step that you should do at this time is to consult a surgeon or skin specialist in order to get the best treatment. The doctor will evaluate the condition of the wound and the wound until it is perfectly clean if needed. Furthermore, the doctor will also evaluate the treatment given by the previous doctor, whether there is anything that needs to be added, replaced, or maintained. Also consult with him about the procedures for treating lump scars that you can do at home.

In addition to going back to the doctor, you should also take the following steps:

Clean the pus that comes out with a clean gauze moistened with intravenous fluids (NaCl) --- use gloves when doing this action Do not press excessively on the marks of the lumps Eat regularly, reduce the portion if you feel nauseous First reduce food that often aggravates nausea, such as coconut milk, caffeine, vegetables, and fruit. Drink plenty. Get adequate rest. Improve your personal hygiene. Take medication from your previous doctor as directed --- doctors usually have also prescribed anti-pain medications that are useful for reducing your headaches.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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