A Little Blood Urine

Illustration of A Little Blood Urine
Illustration: A Little Blood Urine

Doc I want to ask. If it’s been 2 days I piss and keep bleeding a little because of what? So the first day I thought the signs would menstruate and I saw the blood like menstrual blood normally and only issued blood on the pee. On day 2, I peed also to drop a drop of blood and the blood came out just after the urine came out so sometimes it pops up to turn pink after the blood drops. But all this happens without any other effects such as lower abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, or when urinating does not hurt. And I have a history of urinary tract infections.

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Hello Michelle,

Thank you for the question.

When referring to your information, it could be, indeed the discharge of blood in your urine is a symptom of a urinary tract infection (UTI). This UTI is more prone to recurrence, especially in women who have been sexually active, pregnant women, and women who are less able to maintain the cleanliness of their intimate organs properly. Not only blood comes out in the urine, UTI can also make you experience chills, heartburn or pain around the genitals, pain in the waist and lower abdomen, nausea, vomiting, fever, muscle and joint pain, chills, and so on. However, the intensity of these complaints is not always the same, it can be severe, but it can also be mild so it is often overlooked.

In addition to UTI, blood in the urine can also be caused by excessive exercise, the influence of the type of food / medicine consumed, mixing menstrual blood with urine, pregnancy spots, bladder stones, cystitis, bladder cancer, kidney disorders, blood clotting disorders, infections viruses or bacteria, injury to intimate organs, fistulas, and so on.

If you only experience this complaint 1-2 times, without any other severe complaints, you should not worry. Overcome this condition so that it does not recur, namely by drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, eating a variety of healthy foods, do not like to hold back urination, improve the cleanliness of your sex organs, avoid risky sex, not also excessive masturbation, not carelessly drinking medicine, and multiply rest. With these conditions, staying at home and doing independent handling seems to be far safer for you so that you are not at risk of contracting the disease (including COVID-19).

Conversely, if complaints are recurring very often, or accompanied by other signs of UTI, bleeding disorders, and other severe complaints, do not hesitate to check yourself directly to the doctor or internist in order to be handled well, yes ..

I hope this helps.

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