A Lump Behind The Ear But Not Painful?

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Tonight, I want to ask. Two days now, I started coughing and coughing and my stomach felt really sore. In a day I can waste water 3x. The body feels weak, loss of appetite, every meal the stomach feels very full after that always excrete. Just today I threw up. But beforehand a lump appeared behind the ear for 3 days, if it was held it didn’t hurt. What are the symptoms? What do I feel is the effect of the lump behind my ear ?? r n r nThank you in advance

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Hello Fiaafifah,

Lumps behind the ear can be caused by several things, including:

Lymphadenopathy or enlarged lymph nodes (KGB). KGB is scattered in all parts of our body, usually we can hold it around the armpits or groin. Its normal size is <1 cm and the consistency is chewy. An enlarged KGB behind the ear can generally be caused by an infection that occurs in the ear area. Usually lymphadenopathy is not accompanied by pain and there is no change in skin color.

Soft tissue tumor. Lumps can form from connective tissue or fatty tissue under the skin. Usually the lump does not give complaints of pain, feels solid and supple, as if it has a limit and can be shifted.

Abscess. Is an infection of the tissue under the skin. Apart from the lumps, there is also pain, redness of the skin, high fever and discharge of pus from the lumps.
Malignancy or cancer. Every lump that appears, should be suspected of cancer until proven not. Cancer is cell growth that is rapid and uncontrolled. Usually the lump grows rapidly, is fixed, a firm, hard consistency, with an uneven surface or causes skin to bleed easily.

Lumps behind the ears usually do not cause complaints of liquid bowel movements, stomach upset, and vomiting. The complaints you feel are more likely to lead to diarrhea, which must then be determined by the type of infection. We recommend that you consult your doctor immediately, so you can get treatment for diarrhea and vomiting. Meanwhile at home as much as possible drink ORS / other replacement fluids as much as you have diarrhea, avoid snacks outside the home, temporarily change the type of food that does not stimulate nausea / vomiting.

For the lump behind the ear, if possible, you can see a surgeon. The doctor will ask for a history of complaints, the presence of similar lumps in other places, tuberculosis contacts, then a physical examination will be carried out, especially the size of the lump, consistency, pain, the number of lumps. Other supporting examinations that can be done are excision biopsy, fine needle biopsy, CT-scan, and so on.

That's the explanation from me, hope it helps.

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