A Lump Came Out On The Edge Of The Former Circumcision.?

Illustration of A Lump Came Out On The Edge Of The Former Circumcision.?
Illustration: A Lump Came Out On The Edge Of The Former Circumcision.? hips.hearstapps.com

I want to ask this, I have taken the medicine for 3 days, but I continue to eat the medicine, but the right genome on my right is starting to form the skin.

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Circumcision or circumcision is a medical procedure performed to cut the skin of the foreskin or foreskin that covers the head of the penis, so that the flow of urine can flow directly wasted without contact with the foreskin. Circumcision is performed because of several indications, such as because of recurrent urinary infections, inflammation of the foreskin, or because of socioreligi factors.

Patients who perform circumcision, then part of the skin will be cut, so that it can cause side effects such as;

Old wounds heal

After circumcision, the healing process can range from about 5-7 days or more, depending on the condition of the wound and the treatment that has been done.

In connection with your question, the history of circumcision that you did in the last 3 days shows that this process is still in the initial phase of recovery after circumcision. At the time of circumcision, anesthesia, cutting, stitching / clamping / laser, then after 3 days, complaints or side effects after circumcision will still be felt, although not as heavy as before. However, after 3 days of walking, the wound condition is usually still partially wet, pain still appears, swelling still appears around the head of the penis, and sometimes bleeding still occurs.

So, complaints of genitals and pain is a natural thing that you feel. As long as you do not often hold it or do not contact with other objects, then usually this pain complaint is not so annoying. And if it's already entered day 3 or more, then it should be time for you to visit or control back to the doctor who treats you. With control again, the doctor can find out the condition of the circumcision wound and plan wound care when you control. Thus, the doctor can provide information and explanations related to the current condition of your wound.

And in general, the possibility of a complaint that you feel is a normal wound recovery process, as long as the pain complaint is not getting worse and as long as the wound is getting better, then all this is still within reasonable limits. You can still continue your wound care as recommended by your doctor. apart from that, you can still continue the medication that you have gotten.

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