A Lump Filled With Yellow Liquid On The Eyelid?

Illustration of A Lump Filled With Yellow Liquid On The Eyelid?
Illustration: A Lump Filled With Yellow Liquid On The Eyelid? pharmaceutical-journal.com

want to ask, my eye has a bump on the inner eyelid, a small red bump but in the middle there is a yellow liquid, it suddenly feels odd sometimes. That’s why? Previously there had been a history of eye pain due to frequent eye rubs and eye irritation. Does it have anything to do with previous history? What cause? And how to cure it? Thank you

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Hello Ronna,

Thank you for the question.

A small reddish lump with a yellow liquid inside that feels lumps in the inner eyelid may be related to eye irritation that you experienced before. When experiencing irritation, such as due to exposure to dry air or UV light, the eyes will be inflamed. This causes the conjunctiva (the membranes in the outermost eye) to proliferate excessively and a lump may form. In the medical realm, this condition is often termed pinguecula. Frequently, these lumps from the pinguecula appear on the sclera (the whites of the eyes). However, in some cases, it is possible that the area of ​​the sclera that is overgrown by the pinguecula is deep enough to directly border on the eyelid as you experience it.

In addition, lumps in your eyelids may also occur due to other causes, such as hordeolum, kalazion, folliculitis, benign or malignant tumors, warts, acne, contact dermatitis, shingles, skin tags, and many other possibilities .

If it is only a block, without causing severe pain, swelling, or other eye complaints that are more severe, the following handling steps you can do first:

Always wash your hands with soap and running water each time you hold the area around your eyes
Take a shower and wash your face clean
Don't use excess cosmetics or contact lenses in your eyes first
Warm compresses on your reddened eyes
Do not squeeze or gouge any lumps in the eyelid
Don't rub your eyes excessively again
Limit activities outside the home, especially in the middle of dry air or sunlight
First put artificial tears into your eyes so that the inflammation subsides
Limit gazing at the gadget

Mild eye conditions will often improve within 1-3 days with the above treatment. Therefore, given the outbreak of COVID-19 (infection due to the new Corona virus) that is rampant today, you should postpone seeing a doctor in non-urgent cases. You can check yourself directly to the doctor or ophthalmologist if you see signs of danger in your eyes, such as swelling, pain, or sudden blur.

Hope this helps ...

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