A Lump In The Breast That Moves Without Pain?

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… I have a lump in the breast, it has a round shape but if it is pressed it can move left and right, but I do not feel pain … breast lumps in the ultrasound are still around 0.7 cm but after 6 months I have an ultrasound going up so 3.3 cm. Continued on biopsy the result is not a symptom of cancer … should it be operated on ??? then whether the operation does not cause other effects? Thank you.

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We understand your complaints and concerns. Lumps in the breast can be caused by benign or malignant tumors. Benign and malignant tumors can be distinguished from direct physical examination or by biopsy (taking tumor tissue with surgery). Benign breast tumors have characteristic lumps of various sizes, firm palpable boundaries, easy to move / mobile, not enlarged in a short time, can disappear depending on the menstrual cycle and found no other symptoms around the lump. In contrast to malignant tumors that are often found lumps enlarged, hard, difficult to move, no firm boundaries, and can cause abnormalities in the skin around the lumps like wrinkled orange skin wrinkled, there are sores around the breast that aches, aches, and can come out fluid such as pus or blood from the nipple.
Risk factors that trigger breast lumps include age, hormonal birth control, women who do not breastfeed their babies, offspring, radiation exposure, and environmental factors. Lumps that are felt in the breast are not necessarily caused by benign or malignant cancer. Various causes such as diarrhea infection around the breast and cysts / fluid-filled lumps can also be one cause.

Generally, benign tumor management does not require any therapy / just monitoring is enough. If the lump is disturbing, surgery can be considered.
The choice of surgery is based on the patient's clinical condition and medical considerations from the doctor who examined it. The operation also does not guarantee a lump 100% is lost. Some cases are often found benign lumps that can reappear after surgery.
All medical and non-medical procedures carry the risk of side effects that may occur. Operative actions can pose a variety of risks ranging from minor risks such as postoperative pain, post-operative infections to life-threatening conditions.
To reduce complaints and prevent lumps in the breast, among others:

Conduct a healthy lifestyle Perform routine breast self-examination (BSE) routinely Eat healthy and nutritious food Sufficient water needs Avoid stress Don't hesitate to breastfeed the baby after giving birth Avoid long-term hormonal birth control exercise Regularly maintain ideal body weight Avoid places that have high radiation Avoid cigarettes and alcohol consumption Consult further with surgeons to get more complete and relevant information regarding the best treatment options for you.
So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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