A Lump In The Lower Right Abdomen Accompanied By Easy Satiety During Young Pregnancy?

Illustration of A Lump In The Lower Right Abdomen Accompanied By Easy Satiety During Young Pregnancy?
Illustration: A Lump In The Lower Right Abdomen Accompanied By Easy Satiety During Young Pregnancy? post.healthline.com

Good afternoon, I want to ask, now I am 5 weeks pregnant, my lower right abdomen feels like something is up, and when I finish eating it feels full after 2/3 hours hungry again, sometimes it feels like hot mints or not cold, to the pain rarely felt, is this condition reasonable? Thank you

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Abdominal pain during pregnancy needs to be explored further since when this pain appears, the characteristics of pain and the location of abdominal pain experienced, the intensity of pain when it appears, factors that ease and aggravate abdominal pain, history of previous illnesses and history of treatment that has been done to treat your complaints .

The existence of stomach cramps during pregnancy needs to be considered can be caused by several possibilities, including:

Changes in uterine size.
Pressure on muscles, joints, and blood vessels.
Position of the uterus.
Excessive gas in the stomach.
Stomach cramps appear after intercourse.

Please note that in pregnancy, especially as the size of the fetus develops it will cause pressure on several organs in the abdominal / abdominal cavity, and may experience pressure when the chest cavity expands during breathing. So that it can cause a sensation of shortness of breath / heavy breathing. If symptoms of abdominal pain continue to be accompanied by signs of infection such as fever, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, difficulty eating and drinking, severe abdominal pain can consult a doctor for examination and management related to your condition.

Avoid doing activities that are too heavy, control your pregnancy routine, do a good diet, exercise and rest, avoid taking medication without doctor's instructions. For more information on stomach cramps during pregnancy can access this link.

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