A Lump In The Neck During Young Pregnancy?

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A good afternoon. I was pregnant around 6 weeks of pregnancy. But I have a few bumps on my right and left neck. This lump was there before I was late for my period and was declared pregnant. Then the midwife where I checked the womb advised me to go to a specialist to check the lump in my neck. My question is, first of all, what kind of specialist should I go to? The second is whether it is safe to leave the house for me who is pregnant even though I have a problem covid 19? And the third is having a lump in the neck can affect fetal development? thank you

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Hello Anisa, Thank you for the question.

Lumps in the neck can be caused by several health conditions such as:

  swollen lymph nodes, can occur when an infection occurs in the body. Lymph nodes can swell due to excessive production of immune cells when infected. Usually after the infection disappears or resolves, the lymph nodes will return to their original size of tuberculosis which attacks the lymph nodes (TB glands) There is no research that can prove that pregnant women are more susceptible to corona virus infection, but in theory in general, pregnant women will be more susceptible to infection in the respiratory tract including corona virus. So, if the lump size is relatively small, not sick, and not enlarged, you can monitor this symptom first. Please maintain good health by getting enough rest, consuming nutritious food, increasing your consumption of water, and managing stress well. It is recommended that you see a surgeon if you have a large, large lump in your neck and pain. The doctor needs to ask about your symptoms then examine this lump directly. If necessary, the doctor will recommend further tests such as ultrasound and biopsy lumps to determine the cause. Further treatment will be determined after confirming your condition. Whether these lumps will affect the development of the baby, not necessarily, depends on what causes it.

If you are going to check yourself, do not worry, you can take precautionary steps by keeping out with other people, avoiding crowds of people, avoiding people who are coughing and colds, always keeping their hands clean by washing hands regularly with soap and water or by hand sanitizer, do not touch the nose, mouth and eyes if you have not washed your hands.

I hope this helps.

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