A Lump In The Neck For 3 Years?

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I have a lump in the neck, it has been growing 3 years ago.

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Lumps in the neck that do not go away for years can be caused by the following conditions:

Enlargement of the skin, for example due to folliculitis, warts, lipomas, cysts, melanomas, sarcomas, abscesses, hyperkeratosis, keloids, skin tags
Enlarged lymph nodes, for example due to tuberculosis, cat scratch marks, syphilis, cytomegalovirus, HIV, lymphoma, leukemia
Enlargement of the thyroid gland, for example due to Grave's disease, thyroid nodules, thyroiditis, thyroid carcinoma
Others, for example tumors originating in other neck tissues, clavicle bone protrusions (as in scoliosis sufferers), and so on

Without knowing exactly what the characteristics of the lump that appeared, it was very difficult for us to identify the cause of the lump. Our advice, you consult yourself directly to the doctor or surgeon to be evaluated more deeply the possible causes. Further examination, such as x-rays, ultrasound, biopsy, and so on may be done by doctors regarding the diagnosis of the lump. As for later treatment can be done with a variety, for example enough by observation, administration of drugs, surgery, and so on.

At this time, you should not press, gouge, or manipulate in any way the lump without consulting a doctor first. Improve your personal hygiene, including by showering diligently and always wear clean clothes. Also take care of your endurance by always eating nutritious food, drinking enough, and resting more. If the lump feels painful, you can compress it first with warm water so the pain decreases.

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