A Lump In The Neck Has Been 4 Months?

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Hello, I want to ask. I have a complaint about a lump in the neck and it was quite a long time ago about 3-4 months ago. Then I was advised to carry out various tests. Starting from the thirst, laboratory (blood), x-rays, ultrasound and fine needle biopsy. From the series of tests, the results showed that my TB was not detected, then the hospital doctor said that my blood was fine, the x-rays were good, and the ultrasound showed limphadenopaty. But a few days ago “only” the results of a biopsy that stated the diagnosis “Chronic lymphadenitis specific TB”. For information too, I have no complaints such as coughing, fever, or weight loss. Just a lump. Then do I have to believe that I have TB even though I don’t have complaints like other TB sufferers? Given the schedule of control to the hospital is still around – one more month -, I want to be sure, which results should I believe. Because of differences in the results of X-rays, ultrasound, lab (with) biopsy, I was afraid of misdiagnosis and for a long time in handling and then even infect others. thank you

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Hello Farhan, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

In complaints in the form of lumps or tumors (including cancer), the gold standard examination or the best examination to determine the diagnosis of the cause of the lump is a biopsy examination.

Therefore, the most trustworthy examination at this time to determine the diagnosis of your condition is the results of your biopsy examination which shows the results of you having glandular TB infection even though the results of other tests show the opposite, because the biopsy examination is an examination in which the tissue assessment taken below the microscope and these results definitely show what conditions occur in the tissue taken.

Also note that TB infection can occur in various organs in the body and this infection can be accompanied or not with TB infection in the lungs which will cause the typical TB symptoms as you mentioned. There are several conditions in which these germs do not infect the lungs but directly cause infections in other organs, as in your case the lymph nodes.

Although it does not cause infection in your lungs, it is still recommended that you wear a mask to prevent the possibility of transmitting TB germs to other people.

Henceforth you should continue to exercise control over the doctor who treats you, if you feel anxious, you are allowed to exercise control faster and also show your biopsy results. After that, you will undergo medication according to your condition, making sure you take the drugs as prescribed and within the recommended timeframe.

I hope this helps.

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