A Lump In The Throat And Its Relation To GERD?

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Hello, r nSy want to ask .. r nSy has been experiencing acid reflux for a long time. Not long ago I took an appendicogram test, the results were chronic appendicitis together with my acid reflux disease. I often have headaches, weakness and feel a lump in my throat. A lump in the throat but not painful. This hasn’t gone away for years, even though I don’t have a stomachache. If you touch the throat, always want to vomit? R nMy question is, is my esophagus normal? Is it related to my gerd? What specialists do I need treatment for? And which one should I precede, my chronic appendicitis or my throat that is blocked? thank you

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A lump in your throat can be caused by several reasons. Some of these possibilities include:

tonsillitis, which is inflammation of the swollen tonsil glands, often triggered by a bacterial or viral infection, and also from the food or drink that is consumed, whether it contains a lot of flavoring / MSG, is too spicy, food made from preservatives, drinking ice / cold, throat symptoms feels blocked, pain swallowing tonsillopharyngitis, inflammation of the tonsils or tonsils that occur together with inflammation of the throat, causes and symptoms are the same as tonsillitis, followed by complaints of GERD cough, increased stomach acid which causes weakening of the muscles that limit the stomach with the esophagus, causing a feeling of sticking, burning in chest or neck and throat peritonsil abscess foreign body, chronic inflammation that has caused a pocket containing the results of inflammation and the body's resistance to infection in the form of pus, the initial cause of bacterial infection, for example strep throat, gum infection, etc., tumors. if you experience you should further check with an ENT specialist, also will be advised to do some additional examinations if needed. Regarding chronic appendicitis that you experience, treatment is usually given with antibiotics by the doctor who examines you, but you also have to maintain a lifestyle and diet so that chronic appendicitis does not become a symptom of an acute disease. This acute inflammatory condition of the appendix, the condition can get worse quickly, that is, the inflammation can spread and rupture throughout the stomach. For acute appendicitis, surgery must be performed immediately. Signs that the symptoms of appendicitis are becoming acute or need immediate treatment, namely:

very pain in the lower right abdomen, continuous pain that does not improve with anti-pain taken orally accompanied by fever accompanied by nausea, vomiting, pain extends to the field of the stomach, the stomach becomes hard. For more priority treatment, namely the treatment of appendicitis that you experience, do the appropriate treatment recommended by the examining doctor, and do re-control to see the progress of the disease.

Some of the things you can do:

keep a regular diet, don't eat too late, avoid eating too spicy and too acidic food, don't consume too much chili or chili peppers, avoid foods that contain lots of MSG / seasonings or preservatives, drink lots of water, take medication as recommended by a doctor, control to find out development of reading conditions related to appendicitis, GERD, tonsils, peritonsil abscess

hopefully useful, thank you

dr. Danny

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