A Lump That Feels Painful And Itchy In The Vagina?

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I am not married. But a few days ago I felt pain in my genital area. When I checked it turned out there was a bend like an ordinary itchy wound on the skin. But day by day it feels more and more painful. And today when I double-checked it turned out that the wound had erupted and changed to torn with the top of it like a torn skin resembling scales. That’s what ya

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Hello Naya, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Before I introduce, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Perceived bumps or bumps can be caused by many possibilities. Sometimes a bump or bump on the genitals is a mild disease or it can even be a dangerous disease. Some diseases that can cause lumps around the genitals are as follows:

 Genital Herpes Infection / Herpes Simplek Cyst Insect Bite / Insect Bite Tumor / Cancer Genital Hepness / Herpes Simplek

genital herpes / herpes simplex is one of the sexually transmitted infections which is usually caused by transmission through sexual contact. Clinical signs that can be caused in the form of:

 itching and tenderness in the genital area pain in the area affected by vaginal discharge that smells unpleasant wounds around the affected area looks like thrush can even cause bleeding. Not all of these clinical signs must be found. However, transmission of genital herpes can be caused by unprotected and unsafe sex. Genital herpes is transmitted through skin contact with the skin around the genitals.


A cyst is a lump that is shaped like a liquid-filled or solid sac. Some cysts in the genital / genital area as follows:

 Bartolin cyst Skene cyst Gartner cyst Epidermoid cyst Basically these cysts in the genital / genital area do not cause complaints. It's just that if this cyst has an infection, enlarged size or trauma, then some complaints can arise. If the cyst becomes inflamed, such as pain, swelling, and can break out, it must be treated further.

Insect Bite

Often someone forgets about this small possibility, but it is precisely this disease that is commonly encountered. Usually in addition to bumps, pain, and itching there are bite marks on the area where there are lumps.

Tumor / Cancer

Tumors / cancer are usually characterized by small lumps that grow bigger and bigger. Clinical signs caused by tumors / cancer are usually not specific, but usually complaints are severe. You don't need to worry about this. Given the complaints that you feel are not heavy and you just feel. As for tumors / cancer, it takes a long time to cause symptoms.

For the time being, I advise you to immediately consult a doctor to perform a direct examination and get a definitive diagnosis and accurate treatment. To relieve the symptoms that you feel you can do:

 Keep yourself clean. Get enough rest and eat something nutritious to increase your immunity. Soaking in warm water can relax you. Use pain relievers such as paracetamol to temporarily relieve pain. Consult yourself doctor directly. Thus the answer I gave, hopefully it helps.

Thank you, I hope you are always healthy.

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