A Neck Bump

Illustration of A Neck Bump
Illustration: A Neck Bump

I am Febryan, 18 years old, want to ask about the lump on my left neck, yesterday was examined at the hospital, but the doctor said this lump was okay and my lungs had also been examined and the doctor said my lungs clean, but the lump does not want to go flat after the drug given by the doctor and this lump has been like this for 3 months without any change, is this lump dangerous?

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Hello Darwin,

Thank you for the question.

Lumps in the left neck there are many possible triggers. One that is often found is lymphadenitis (inflammation of the lymph nodes), which triggers the most common is tuberculosis (lung spots). That's why the doctor recommends that you check how your lungs are. In addition to tuberculosis, there are many other conditions that can actually trigger lymphadenitis around the neck, for example syphilis, cytomegalovirus, HIV, cat scratch disease, dental abscesses, ear or neck infections, and so on. In addition to infection, lymph nodes can also be enlarged due to inflammation, malignancy, and even side effects of certain drugs.

It could also be, a lump in your left neck appear due to other reasons, for example skin tags, acne, folliculitis, warts, enlargement of the thyroid gland, benign or malignant tumors that taste. from other tissues, hyperkeratosis, mumps, keloids, and so on.

If it's true that your complaint has been checked by a doctor, given treatment but has not improved, it would be better if you go back to see your doctor or surgeon. Not only evaluating the lungs, follow-up examinations, such as blood tests, x-rays, ultrasound, biopsy, and so on, can also be done by doctors to be used as a basis in determining appropriate management.

In the meantime, you can first protect the area around the lump to keep it clean, avoid squeezing or giving any treatment to the lumps that appear to prevent irritation or infection, rest more, exercise discipline, live a healthy diet, and be disciplined in a healthy lifestyle your condition can improve.

Hope this helps ...

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