A Partially Fractured Front Tooth.?

Illustration of A Partially Fractured Front Tooth.?
Illustration: A Partially Fractured Front Tooth.? caringdentists.com

Good afternoon … my name is Riski, 23 years old … I want to ask my front tooth that the upper part of the kn is cracking and keep removing part of it … what I want to ask is that some of it can be pulled out or not … Thank you

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Hello Riski,

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Teeth can crack due to mechanical trauma, for example when having an accident, chewing food that is too hard, or even just bumping into other teeth quite fast. Depending on the size of the crack and what is the condition of your tooth that is cracked at this time, this condition can be treated with a variety, for example by installing a broken tooth again, fillings, installation of crowns (dental blankets), and so on.

It's best if you don't force out your cracked tooth. In addition to potentially making the tooth fracture irrevocable, your actions to extract part of the cracked tooth are also prone to cause pain, bleeding, and sores in your oral cavity due to being bitten by the remaining sharp teeth.

Better, you check your condition directly to the nearest dentist so that it is given the right treatment. In the meantime, don't use your teeth to chew food that is too hard and too sticky. Also avoid consuming foods or drinks that are too cold or too hot. Not only that, improve your dental and oral hygiene again, but do not brush your teeth too hard before your cracked teeth are handled properly by a doctor.

Hope this helps ...

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