A Powerful Medicine For Eradicating Tinea Versicolor?

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Thing. I often get phlegm twice a year. In less than 10 years I heal with micoral pills. Every tinea versicolor I drink a maximum of 6 tablets. Now it can no longer be cured with Micoral. In fact, I took dozens of pills. I wonder why and are there other pills that can cure micorrhoea, which can’t anymore. Thank you, please explain. Regards

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First of all I want to confirm in advance, have you done an examination to the doctor before? Did the doctor diagnose you have phlegm and give you Mycoral medicine?

Basically Mycoral is a drug containing Ketoconazole which is given to treat fungal infections. These drugs include hard drugs that should not be consumed without consulting a doctor first and you should not buy without a prescription from a doctor. Tinea versicolor generally will not be directly treated with oral medication (oral medication) but will always be tried to be given topical medication (topical medication) first. Oral medication will only be given if the fungal lesion is very extensive or if topical treatment does not succeed in curing fungal infections on the skin.

Tinea versicolor or also called tinea versicolor is a skin infection caused by the fungus Malassezia furfur. This fungus actually lives as a normal flora on the skin, but for one reason or another, this fungus can develop more and cause tinea versicolor. In about 40-60% of people, tinea versicolor is often repeated. In this case, the therapy that will usually be recommended is using a shampoo that contains selenium sulfate every 2 weeks, can also be added with therapy with oral antifungal drugs once a month. The mentioned therapies are therapies for the prevention of recurring fungal infections that are carried out after the fungal infection is cured. You may try to find and use a shampoo containing selenium sulfate to prevent the appearance of tinea versicolor again, but you should always discuss with your doctor before using oral mushroom medication.

It is better to check with a dermatologist to determine whether the lesions on your skin are phlegm. If it is tinea versicolor, your doctor will suggest the best treatment to cure your tinea versicolor and recommend topical medication and / or oral medication that can be used to prevent recurrence. In addition to treatment you also have to take other fungal infection prevention measures for example:

use clothes that are thin enough from material that absorbs sweat
immediately change your clothes if your clothes are wet with sweat
set the room temperature to be cool enough so you don't sweat a lot
take a shower regularly

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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