A Recipe For A Toothache For Days?

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I want to ask, I did dentures so after 2 weeks I removed the palau tooth because it caused pain, and my teeth didn’t stop hurting, I took paracetamol and it did relieve pain but after the effect of the medicine disappeared the pain returned, it has been going on for 3 days and now I have difficulty swallowing and my upper jaw hurts, thanks.

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Hello Emipakpahan,

Do you attach dentures with a dentist or someone other than a dentist? Installation of dentures or dentures, some can be removed, some are permanent with dental implants. Dentures that are not dental implants should be removable for easy cleaning.

For people who are just starting to wear dentures, they may experience some complaints in the days to the first few weeks of use. Some of these complaints include:

Discomfort and loose teeth Sores on the walls of the oral cavity due to friction of dentures and the production of saliva which feels a lot less comfortable when eating, it is advisable to eat soft and small pieces of food. Discomfort when talking or laughing. The above conditions generally improve after some time when the body is used to it. Dentures require maintenance too. Dentures that are not treated are at risk of causing plaque on the tongue and dentures, gingivitis, fungal infections, and spreading the infection to other organs.

Here's how to treat dentures:

In the first few days, perhaps the dentist will suggest that the dentures are used continuously so that during the control the dentist can identify the parts that need to be repaired. Furthermore, dentures are advised to be removed at night before going to bed Clean the dentures after they are removed with clean running water / from the tap Then brush the dentures using a special toothpaste for dentures, then clean them again with running water. After cleaning, the dentures can be soaked in clean water, you can also add denture cleaners. Check the dentures regularly to make sure nothing is damaged. Apart from treating dentures , people who use dentures should also take good care of their oral health as follows:

Clean the gums, roof of the mouth and tongue using a soft and soft toothbrush Gargle with warm salt water Massage and relax the gums Control to the dentist according to the schedule given If you are currently experiencing complaints of pain and difficulty swallowing, I suggest that you control back to the dentist so that you can do a direct examination to determine the cause of the pain in your teeth and jaw and the problem with swallowing you are experiencing. If the cause is known, the doctor can provide the right treatment for you. Treatment that may be given is with painkillers, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotics if there is an infection. The dentist may also re-evaluate the dentures you are using and repair the parts of the dentures to make them more comfortable for you.

For a while while waiting to see the dentist, you can rinse your mouth with warm salt water, drink plenty of water, brush your teeth twice a day, eat foods that are easy to swallow, and cold or warm compresses on the sore cheeks.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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