A Red Bump On The Foot That Feels Painful?

Illustration of A Red Bump On The Foot That Feels Painful?
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Morning. I want to ask why yes my feet appear red bumps on the touch pain can not walk if there are already many bumps that appear why? Is there a relationship with cholesterol and arthritis? Thank you

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Hello mrs.

Thank you for the question.

Red bumps on the feet that are painful can be many possible causes, for example:

 Inflammation in the skin, such as insect bites, allergic or irritant contact dermatitis, impetigo, folliculitis, erysipelas, shingles, seborrheic dermatitis, drug eruption After injury, such as when bumped, scratched, depressed, or excessive stretching Disorders of blood vessels in the legs, such as due to varicose veins, vasculitis Disorders of the joints, tendons, and other organs around the legs, for example due to rheumatoid arthritis (rheumatism), tendonitis Other factors, such as hormonal disorders, side effects of drugs, liver disorders, kidney disorders, etc. As mentioned above , your condition can occur related to arthritis or not. But often, these bumps and pain have nothing to do with high cholesterol levels.

To be clear, you try to check yourself to a doctor or dermatologist. Through physical examination, allergy tests, blood tests, or other supporting tests, often the doctor can give you the appropriate treatment. At home, complaints can be alleviated first by:

 Warm compresses on your bumpy and painful feet Rest more, reduce first walking long distances or standing for too long Position your aching feet higher when you sleep Diligently bathing and washing your feet clean Stay away from substances that often make your skin allergic and irritated Drink a lot and live a healthy lifestyle. Hope it helps.

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