A Runny Red Rash On A Child’s Hands And Feet Accompanied With Mouth Sores And Fever?

Illustration of A Runny Red Rash On A Child’s Hands And Feet Accompanied With Mouth Sores And Fever?
Illustration: A Runny Red Rash On A Child’s Hands And Feet Accompanied With Mouth Sores And Fever? pharmaceutical-journal.com

… my child aged 2.5 years already 3 days canker sores on the tongue and around the oral cavity … fever occurs at night only and on the second day out a red rash accompanied by water lice around the palms and feet … what is the effect of heat in that severe or are there other factors whether the cause ?? Thank you

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Based on the description of the symptoms you are giving, it is likely that your child has a viral infection called Hand, Foot, mouth disease (HFMD). The layman's term for this disease is called the Singapore flu.
HFMD causes symptoms of fever which is then followed by the appearance of rashes on the hands and feet as well as in the mouth and surrounding area. The red rash inside and around the mouth more often looks like a symptom of canker sores. In addition to fever and red rashes, other symptoms such as sore throat, cough and runny nose, nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite to stomach pain can be complained of.
HFMD is an infectious disease that is easily transmitted by viruses. Transmission can occur from contamination of patient fluids, consuming contaminated food or drinks to touching objects that have been contaminated by the virus.
Other possible diseases that can occur include dengue fever, measles or rubella / German measles. However, other data / information is needed as well as direct examination to ascertain the type of illness experienced by your child. Therefore it is highly recommended that you conduct an examination to the nearest pediatrician to be evaluated directly.
You don't need to worry if the possibility of HFMD is really happening. The disease is caused by a virus that will disappear and heal by itself along with increased endurance. The time needed during the healing process ranges from 1-2 weeks. Provision of drugs is only to relieve symptoms such as fever reducing and pain relievers.
The thing that can be done is to help increase endurance by providing nutritious food, meet the needs of fluids in the body, multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetables, provide time to rest at home, consumption of vitamins if necessary, and if the appetite is reduced give food in small portions but frequent frequency.
If necessary, consult with a pediatrician to get information and examination directly to find out the exact cause.
Thus the information that I can convey, hopefully helps

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