A Scratch On The Hand But The Shape Is Elongated Spots And Sore When Touched, What Is A Dock?

Illustration of A Scratch On The Hand But The Shape Is Elongated Spots And Sore When Touched, What Is A Dock?
Illustration: A Scratch On The Hand But The Shape Is Elongated Spots And Sore When Touched, What Is A Dock?

Doc, Wednesday morning I woke up, suddenly my left hand had a scratch, I thought maybe something must be snug while sleeping. But what I am confused about, the shape is not like a scratch in general … If the wound is stretched, the lines are long, but longitudinal spots that if touched are sore. I asked my mother “it was herpes but it looks like a scratch”. I guess oh maybe it really is a wound but now it feels like it’s burning. Is this really herpes? Or other skin diseases?

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Hello Salma,

Thank you for the question.

The appearance of wounds such as renewed that feels sore and hot in the hand could indeed indicate you have shingles (snake pox). This condition arises when the skin becomes inflamed due to the active return of the Varicella zoster virus, a virus that previously caused chickenpox. Typically, this smallpox snake will cause the emergence of watery nodules on the flocking skin, can also elongate resembles a beret, which feels itchy, sore, hot, like burning, and its position is limited to only one side of the body that is innervated by certain nerve fibers. Not infrequently, people with shingles will experience other systemic symptoms, such as headaches, glare, loss of appetite, insomnia, muscle and joint pain, and so on.

There are many more actually other medical conditions whose symptoms can be similar to yours, for example fungal infections, contact dermatitis, insect bites, atopic dermatitis, and so on. Sharp objects, both conscious and unconscious, can also cause complaints as you experience them.

To improve, try the following suggestions first:

 Take a clean bath and wash your hands frequently Avoid holding nodules that appear, let alone squeeze, scratch, or rub them with dirty hands If it feels sore or hot, compress with cold water of the nodules, you can also take paracetamol medication to feel more comfortable No carelessly exchanging personal items, including toiletries and clothing, with others Stay away from contact between hands that deal with complaints that are prone to making your skin allergic or irritated, for example latex, detergents, and so on. Live a healthy lifestyle, including by taking rest enough, eat healthy food, exercise discipline, and drink lots of water. If after a long time your complaint does not subside, or if the rash appears festering and swollen skin that is spreading increasingly, do not hesitate to check yourself directly to the doctor or dermatologist for treatment furthermore ..

I hope this helps.

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