A Sign Of Convulsions In A Child With Fever?

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My child was 7 months old at that time, he had a fever of up to 39 degrees. I like to be shocked and sometimes just keep quiet and dumbfounded, is that a step? R nAnd at what temperature can I give paracetamol

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Fever in infants and children is something that needs serious attention because of the high risk of triggering seizures. Fever is an increase in body temperature above normal, which is above 37.5 degrees Celsius. It is known by being measured using a thermometer. Body temperature that is at risk of causing seizures is above 38.5 degrees Celsius.

The causes of seizures vary, including:

epilepsy / epileptic electrolyte disorder fever, abnormal electrical activity of the nerve in the brain, trauma / head injury, for example a fall, an impact on the head. The form of seizures also varies, not only in the whole body, there are also several other forms such as:

stiff spasms in the body spasms twitching spasms only in one particular part of the body muscle spasms such as dumbfounded-like shock, certain abnormal movements in one part of the body. Do not let the child have seizures for too long or the fever is monitored not too high so as not to trigger a seizure. For treating fever:

may give a fever such as paracetamol or ibuprofen with a dose adjusted to your child's weight. Help reduce the heat with a warm compress on the forehead, chest and / or armpits give enough body fluids by continuing to provide breast milk if fever, further check your child's condition to determine the cause of fever is there an infection / to find the underlying cause Some things you need to pay attention to when your child has a seizure:

Do not give drink / milk / breast milk, do not put anything into the child's mouth, tilt the child's body position to the left and loosen tight clothes, immediately take it to the nearest health service center, read things related to overcoming fever in children, febrile seizures

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