A Small Bump On The Armpit Hurts.?

Illustration of A Small Bump On The Armpit Hurts.?
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Hello, I want to ask. I was just born, then my child could not breastfeed directly because his nipples were small, so I was forced to pump, and after a while the milk was not coming out again. press there is pain like that That’s why huh? Thank you

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Hello Susi, Thank you for the question.

Lumps in the area when they can be caused by:

swollen lymph nodes due to infection (eg mastitis), cancer folliculitis sebaceous cysts / epidermoid cysts boils / abscesses Further examination by a doctor is needed to ascertain the cause of this complaint. Please consult with your doctor directly. The doctor needs to ask about the complaints of the lump and do an examination of the lump in question. After ascertaining the cause, the doctor will provide appropriate treatment. You are advised not to break the lump and always keep the area clean and dry.

Do you experience other complaints such as breast swelling and pain? Have you breastfeed your baby in the right position? How often do you pump your milk? Nipple size should not prevent a woman from breastfeeding. Breastfeeding has a number of benefits such as burning the mother's calories, developing emotional attachment with the baby, and others. Maybe your baby cannot breastfeed due to an inappropriate breastfeeding position. The following are some suggestions that you can follow:

You can breastfeed your baby in a lap, compete, or tilt the milk slightly, then apply to the nipple before breastfeeding. Position the baby's head higher than the baby's body. Make sure the baby's nose is not covered. in the baby's mouth make sure the baby's mouth does not joke and no sound when the baby feeds your baby burp after breastfeeding If you are still in doubt, please consult with your doctor for further lactation consultants so that your doctor can give advice on the right way to breastfeed. If indeed this condition later makes it difficult for you to breastfeed directly, you can express your milk. In order to keep milk production smoothly, it is recommended that you empty / express your breasts every 2-3 hours, get enough rest, consume a balanced nutritious diet, meet your body's fluid needs by consuming water, manage stress well. Consult with your doctor if after carrying out these recommendations you are still having trouble getting milk.
Hopefully this information is useful.

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