A Small Hole Appeared In The Cheek Area?

if for example there is a small hole in the cheek, why is that? But not acne scars, how do you deal with it right?

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Hello Sister Bella, thank you for the question on HealthReplies.com.

Reading your complaint, it can be caused by a number of conditions such as:

Enlargement of facial skin pores Komedoblackhead Acne scars or other scars on the face To determine what conditions that cause your complaints, it is highly recommended to first check the condition of your facial skin directly to the skin specialist to get further evaluation. After the examination is done, then the doctor can determine what is the cause of your complaint and can also suggest what therapy you should go through to eliminate the complaint.

In the meantime, there are a number of things you can try to do to help reduce complaints such as:

Clean facial skin at least 2x per day by using warm water, gently, especially before you sleep at night on the face Use sunscreen every day Make sure you drink enough every day (at least 8 glasses per day) because the skin also needs liquid Do not use any medicines without any clear advice from your doctor Hope it helps.

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