A Small Hole In The Big Toe Accompanied By Pain?

Illustration of A Small Hole In The Big Toe Accompanied By Pain?
Illustration: A Small Hole In The Big Toe Accompanied By Pain? westvalleymedctr.com

I have a small hole in the right big toe, the size is small the size of a pinhole and it hurts as much as cantengan but not festering. How do I cure it because it hurts so much and it inhibits my activities

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Hello Hans Dhan, thank you for asking with HealthReplies.com.

Your foot disease can be caused by the following things:

Tinea pedis Bacterial infections of the skin (such as pitted keratolysis) Contact dermatitis (allergic or irritant) Scabies Additional information is needed such as how long have you felt this complaint, your job, whether the feet are often moist, whether itchy or have a bad odor, whether use using a product such as shampoo, soap or new cosmetics. Moist feet can cause bacterial or fungal infections in the feet. You should be advised to consult a general practitioner or dermatologist because the doctor requires a physical examination, see firsthand the condition of your feet and also laboratory tests to ascertain the exact cause of your complaint.

The doctor will give you medicine or ointment based on the cause of your complaint, be it anti-fungal or anti-bacterial and other treatments that are in accordance with your complaint.

Some things you can do are:

Use socks with a material that easily absorbs sweat Keep your feet clean and always keep your feet dry and clean. Change socks frequently and wash your shoes. Avoid wearing shoes that are too narrow. Use lightweight shoes with good airways. To reduce pain you can consume. Over-the-counter pain relievers such as paracetamol Hopefully this information can be useful for you.

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