A Small Lump In The Rectum?

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Hello, I am a woman 21 years I have coughed (strained) and 2 days ago I defecated (strained) feeling sick to this day and apparently there was a lump in (sorry) my rectum, the day before I defecated I did eat spicy, after googling, I tried to put the little lump using a finger but slowly came out again and it feels pretty sore. According to your doctor, is this hemorrhoids / hemorrhoids and can be fully recovered as before with or without medical treatment? if it requires medical treatment, does it require minor surgery or what kind of action should I take for a doctor? please help, doctor

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Hello Ms. muyaya, thank you for consulting us at HealthReplies.com.

Based on your explanation to us, the possibility of a lump in the anal area is a hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids. Where it is caused by the swelling or enlargement of blood vessels in the large intestine at the end or the anus. At the initial symptoms, hemorrhoids will appear in the form of lumps that feel uncomfortable and itchy, which is sometimes also accompanied by bleeding through the anus. However, if the lump that grows is located near the anal canal will be accompanied by other symptoms such as pain.

Based on the severity of hemorrhoids divided into 4 degrees:

Degree one: small swelling and not visible outside the anus. second degree: greater swelling and coming out of the anus during bowel movements, but can still enter itself after chapter three: there is one or several small lumps that hang from the anus, but can still be put back in fourth degree: large lumps that hang from the anus and can not be pushed back Basically the treatment of hemorrhoids begins and begins with changes in diet and bowel behavior. Where you need to know is to change your diet into a high-fiber diet that can be obtained from all whole grains (wheat, cereals), from vegetables and fruits. In addition to making the stool softer, a lot of water consumption is needed but it is necessary to avoid high-caffeinated beverages such as tea and coffee and also soft drinks. In addition, proper behavior when defecating is very influential on enlargement of hemorrhoids, that is, do not hold or postpone defecation, because it will make the stool consistency harder and will make hemorrhoids worse, in addition to avoid straining during defecation, so blood vessels do not swelling due to pressure when straining.

In addition to diet and bowel behavior, other treatments that can be done are using over-the-counter topical medication (creams, ointments and suppositories), corticosteroid cream and pain relievers. However, if all these efforts do not produce results, then you need to consult with a surgeon, which later the doctor will recommend that you perform special medical procedures or even surgery. Specific medical procedures for managing hemorrhoids include:

binding or hemorrhoidal ligation injection of infrared coagulation sclerotherapy and if all treatments are not successful, then the final course of action is surgery. Usually surgery will be chosen when hemorrhoids do not respond to drug and non-surgical therapy, and / or hemorrhoids experience worsening such as getting bigger or bleeding that does not stop. Thus we can convey, hopefully our information can help you. thanks.

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