A Small Lump On The Inner Lip?

Illustration of A Small Lump On The Inner Lip?
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Hello, I want to ask, I use stirrup. The inner lip on the left is often canker sores because it rubs against the stirrup. But now it’s not thrush, so it’s like a white lump (in a lump it looks like pus). It’s been 3 days still not deflated. Why is that why? Is it really the cause because it often rubs against stirrup? How to cure it? Thank you.

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Good morning, thanks for the question

Recurrent thrush or called recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS) is
ulcerations or sores in the deeper mucosal lining of the oral cavity that cause pain, and recur.

Symptoms include single or multiple ulcerations, superficial, oval, and pain. There are three types of RAS, namely RAS
minor, major RAS, and herpetiform types. Large enough ulcerated lesions with a clearly visible white center section may be of the major RAS type.

Symptoms before the onset of ulceration include discomfort and redness for 1-3 days. Then immediately followed by an ulcer in the oral cavity that feels painful.

Risk factors for recurrent stomatitis include:
1. Genetic
2. Trauma
3. Immunological disorders
4. Diseases of the digestive tract
5. Hormonal disorders
6. HIV
7. Stress
8. Infection
9. Nutrition deficiency

History of recurrent trauma in the mouth is indeed the cause of this RAS. Ulceration occurs because of being bitten when talking, bad habits, or when chewing, due to dental care, food or drink is too hot, and brush your teeth.

RAS repetition is done by maintaining oral hygiene, avoiding stress and consuming adequate nutrition, especially those containing vitamin C, B12 and iron (iron deficiency anemia and B12 also play a role in the incidence of RAS).

Maintaining oral hygiene can also be done by gargling using warm salt water or mouthwash. In the major RAS treatment is given by giving topical corticosteroid drugs to accelerate ulceration healing and prevention education above.

Carry out further consultations with a doctor for adequate examination and treatment.

That's all, hope you can help. Wassalam.

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