A Small Lump On The Palm

Illustration of A Small Lump On The Palm
Illustration: A Small Lump On The Palm

Hello doc, what is in my hand a small lump like a fish eye but I don’t know it’s a fish eye or a callus. I tried scissors to get rid of it, but it grew again, it was getting more and more painful. How do you get it removed? Do you use ointment or any other medicine?

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Hello Desvi,

Thank you for the question.

The appearance of a small lump in the palm of the hand that feels sore may be a symptom of a fish's eye (clavus). In general, the process of fish eye formation is the same as callus (callus), only it involves inflammation in the surrounding area so that it feels sore, reddish, painful, and even can swell. The eye of this fish is formed due to skin thickening when rubbed and pressed continuously.

It could also, in addition to the eye of the fish, a lump in the palm of your hand arises due to other triggers, for example folliculitis, warts, shingles, contact dermatitis, insect bites, hyperkeratosis, benign or malignant tumors, gout, and so on.

If it is true that you experience is the eye of a fish, often this condition will improve enough by giving salicylic acid ointment that can slough off the skin cells that thickened above the surface of the fish's eye. Provision of this ointment can also be combined with several other types of drugs, thickened skin scraping, and even surgery if there are certain underlying anatomical abnormalities. However, if it turns out that the cause of your complaint is not a fish eye, of course it can be handled differently.

Therefore, you should first check your condition to the doctor or dermatologist. At home, the following initial treatment you can do:

To reduce the pain, warm compresses on your palm
Do not squeeze or slough off lumps carelessly, including using scissors that are not sterile
Be diligent in washing your hands
Limit excessive physical activity first that causes your palms to be stressed or rubbed excessively, such as writing or washing clothes by hand. You can also, you use protective gloves so that your hands avoid excessive friction and pressure.
Be diligent about washing your hands and applying moisturizers to keep your hands dry

Hope this helps ...

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