A Small Lump Under The Chin And A Burning Sensation In The Lower Waist?

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hello I’m a 15-year-old teenage girl, this week I went back into my menstrual period then 2 days ago I found a small lump under my chin, the lump couldn’t be seen if it wasn’t touched. when touched, the lump does not hurt and has a rubbery and soft texture. but sometimes I feel a little pain in my throat. but today I feel a lump under my chin a little flat but from the middle of my lower waist sometimes it feels hot but it doesn’t hurt when held nor does it feel hot. I am very scared and I often panic if it has an effect on my body, for example my body gets achy. cm I’m curious what are the symptoms, do they have anything to do with menstruation and my excessive worries? then what should I do? thank you

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Hello Syifa Rifqah,

Some diseases that can cause symptoms of a lump under the chin include:

  Enlarged lymph nodes. Generally appears accompanying upper respiratory tract infections, infections of the mouth teeth, tonsill infections, ear infections, and other tissues that are above the neck. It can also occur in specific infections such as tuberculosis infection and HIV infection. Lipoma Fibroma Epidermoid cysts Salivary gland ducts Cancer / cancer Doctors need to do a direct examination to be able to determine the cause of the lump under the chin. You should see a doctor if the lump:

 Remains present after 2 weeks or after the infection has healed quickly Enlarged hard consistency and cannot be shifted (bound to surrounding tissues) There are symptoms of night sweats and drastic weight loss Impaired swallowing and shortness of breath - sore or the waist feels hot may not be related to the lump in the chin material. It can be related to your menstruation or it can be a symptom of another disease. Someone who is menstruating can experience symptoms such as abdominal cramps, body aches, diarrhea, flatulence, body feels fever, breast feels tight, pimples.

Instead of constantly worrying, you can do a direct check-up with your doctor to find out the cause of your complaint, especially the lump under the chin. Handling given needs to be adjusted to the diagnosis of the disease obtained from the examination. If an infection is found, antibiotics will be given. If other effects such as cysts or lipomas and other benign tumors, observation or surgery can be done to remove the lump. In lumps suspected of malignancy other tests such as biopsies are needed to determine the type of cancer.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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