A Sore Throat Remedy Accompanied By A Hoarse Cold Cough?

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hoarseness, cough, runny nose, sore throat u003cbr u003egmn how to prevent it? thank you

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to HealthReplies.com. We can understand the concern you feel.

Complaints of sore throat accompanied by hoarseness and cold cough can be caused by several possibilities, which often include:

Colds (also called common cold, which is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, complaints in the form of fever, sneezing, nasal congestion, coughing, body aches, headaches)
Laryngitis (inflammation of the larynx and vocal mucosa, the most common cause is excessive use of voice [vocal abuse] in the short term / upper respiratory tract infection by viruses / reflux of stomach acid into the larynx and pharynx, complaints of hoarseness, fever, coughing, runny nose, painful swallowing, mucus that runs behind the throat, tightness)
Pharyngitis (inflammation of the pharyngeal wall, the most common cause is a viral infection, complaints in the form of sore throat, not too high fever, coughing, red eyes, runny nose)
Tonsillitis (inflammation of the palatine tonsils, complaints in the form of fever, sore throat, enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, and commonly occur together with pharyngitis)

If the complaint is felt to be so disturbing, we advise you to check directly with your doctor or ENT specialist doctor so that it can be evaluated and handled appropriately. In addition to the history, your doctor may examine your throat using a direct laryngoscope or if an indication is found, with optical fiber laryngoscopy. As a suggestion, you should take the following steps:

Wash hands with soap and running water before eating and drinking
Reduce talk for 2-3 days
Avoid substances that can irritate the throat, for example: cigarettes, spicy food, drinking ice
Eat a balanced nutritious diet, including vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamin C
Use paracetamol at a dose that follows the rules of use listed on the drug packaging

To broaden your horizons, you can read articles about hoarseness. Thus information from us. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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