A Sore Throat With Chest Tightness, Is It Corona?

Illustration of A Sore Throat With Chest Tightness, Is It Corona?
Illustration: A Sore Throat With Chest Tightness, Is It Corona?

Good afternoon, my throat hurts a bit, sometimes my chest is a bit tight. Previously I have shaken hands with people who have the flu (I do not know he suspect / suspect / even positive) whether the symptoms that I feel are signs of co-19 infection? Thank you.

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Hi Septyan,

Thank you for the question.

Covid-19 is a disease caused by a coronavirus infection that attacks the respiratory tract, so it gives symptoms such as high fever (body temperature over 38 degrees Celsius) accompanied by coughing, sore throat, runny nose, and shortness of breath in further conditions. . This disease is transmitted through hydroplets or airway splashes such as saliva, sneezing, or sputum. Things to note from this disease is a history of traveling abroad or being in an area that is afflicted with this disease, as well as a history of contact with positive people with covid-19. You can check your covid-19 risk on the following page.

There are other possible causes of your complaint, such as:

Common cold.
Sore throat.

Basically if you suffer from covid-19, this disease can be cured by itself even though it is very contagious, so the wisest step if you have mild symptoms (sore throat, without a high fever or severe shortness of breath) is to quarantine yourself for 14 day and not make physical contact with other people first. However, if you experience a high fever (more than 38 degrees Celsius) that does not heal in 3-5 days, shortness of breath that feels very heavy, you can contact the referral hospital in your area for more information on the actions you need to take .

In addition, the following recommendations you can take while at home:

Enough rest.
Wash your hands regularly with soap and water or sanitizer.
Take a throat pain reliever like paracetamol.
Drink warm water and reduce spicy / sweet / oily food to relieve throat.
Take vitamin supplements to maintain immunity.
Fulfilling nutrition needs and 2-3 liters of water per day.
Manage stress well.
Routine exercise 3-5x per week.

Hopefully this information can help and hopefully get well soon.


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