A Stomach That Feels Twisted, Vomits, And Diarrhea?

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In the morning, I want to ask last night, I like catching a cold or stomach acid, because my stomach is twisting, I vomit many times and defecate many times … I take repellent once a night and mylanta liquid 3 times (twice a night and this morning 1x) And from last night I didn’t breastfeed my child … my child was breastfeeding from the breast milk in the refrigerator that was pumped yesterday. Then because I was not breastfed or pumped overnight I became very tight and this morning I was pumped (not directly breastfed). Can I give the ASI to my child or not? The breast was saved when I started feeling twisted and vomiting it … I was afraid that the milk would affect my child (afraid of catching a cold and throwing up) … my child was 7 months old less than 2 days … please inform me …

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Hello Nurul,

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Stomachs that feel twisted, vomiting, and diarrhea have many possible causes, for example gastrointestinal infections, dyspepsia, intestinal inflammation, food poisoning, intolerance, malabsorption, viral or other bacterial infections, urinary tract disorders, drug side effects, and so on. When experiencing these conditions, your body can feel very weak and uncomfortable, so that the breastfeeding process can become an activity that feels heavy.

In fact, not all of the above diseases are contraindicated to breastfeed your baby with breast milk. The medicine that you consume (ie anticidal) is safe for consumption during breastfeeding.

However, bearing in mind that you did not explain in detail the complaints that you feel, we are also not authorized to explain whether it is safe or not if you continue to breastfeed your baby (either breastfeeding directly or with breast milk).

Our advice, first breastfeed your baby with milking milk that is milked when your body is in prime condition and store your milk from your milk right now in the refrigerator in the right way. Then, check yourself directly to the doctor or a specialist in internal medicine so that the cause of your condition can be handled properly. Also tell your doctor about your current condition who is breastfeeding, so the doctor can also tell you whether or not you are safe if you continue to breastfeed your baby.

In order to improve your complaints quickly, also try to do the following trick in addition to undergoing medical treatment:

Compress the stomach that is wrapped around with warm water
Drink plenty of water (at least 8 glasses per day)
Get used to always wash your hands before and after eating, after using the toilet, and after handling dirt
Do not be eating snacks at random
Don't over-eat spicy, sour, fatty, gassed, and caffeinated beverages
Do not carelessly take medication without a doctor's prescription
Stay away from alcohol
Keep your milk, keep it properly

Hope this helps ...

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