A Sudden Headache After An Accident?

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Hello, I want to ask. My mother had a motorcycle accident with me. At that time my mother was thrown quite strong and her head hit the road. Recently my mother felt headaches in the back, her headaches always came suddenly. My mother had asked her friend who could find out about my mother’s illness. There’s a blockage in the large nerve, that’s what my mother said. I want to ask, what are the symptoms of a large nerve blockage? What can be caused by a hard impact on the head? thank you

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Hello Paramithaaulia, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com

Actually in medical itself there is no term about nerve blockage, where the nerve is a fiber that connects the body's organs to the central nervous system namely the brain and spinal cord. So that the brain, spinal cord and nerves will form a nervous system that functions to control bodily functions. Here are some neural fun:

Brain growth and development
Sensation and perception
Thoughts and emotions
Learning process
Movement, balance and coordination
Recovery and rehabilitation
Body temperature.
Breathing and heart rate

The nerves themselves cannot block, but they can develop. Nerve pain can occur as a result of:

Neural development is not perfect
Nerve cell death, for example in Alzheimer's cases.
Diseases of blood vessels to the brain such as stroke.
Injury: brain or spinal cord injury.
Brain cancer
Seizure disorders: epilepsy.
Infection: meningitis, encephalitis

If your mother has a headache complaint, it is not always a symptom of nerve damage. Many possibilities can cause headaches on the back. Here are some possibilities that can cause headaches like the back:

Tension headache
Headaches during physical activity

Basilar migraine
Occipital neuralgia

Further articles that you can read about: Triggering Back Head Pain

Hard impact on the head can cause a condition of head injury or head trauma where the head structure can deal with disorders such as minor injuries in the form of mild lika, bruising, swelling of the head, brain hemorrhage, skull fractures, concussion. This happens depending on the mechanism and how much impact force is experienced. Headaches associated with injuries will usually arise shortly from injury. But if the head injury due to the accident has been going on for a long time, the probable cause of the headache is not because of the injury.

But to determine this it is necessary to do further interviews about your mother's health condition, as well as a neurological examination, and other additional tests in the form of CT scans if needed. Therefore you should consult your mother's complaints to a neurologist.

See a doctor immediately at the nearest hospital, if your mother has a headache accompanied by:

Nausea, severe vomiting
High fever
Loss of consciousness
Changes in behavior
Stiff neck
Paralyzed on one side of the body
Speak pelo
Numbness, numbness on the sides of the body

Because these conditions can indicate a serious medical condition that requires further treatment,

That's all the answers from us, hopefully it's useful

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