A Sudden Headache

Illustration of A Sudden Headache
Illustration: A Sudden Headache

It’s been 3 days my head suddenly hurt. The pain is not the back, left or right … But above towards the front forehead … Not only hurts but also the head feels hot … which is more strange yesterday night I woke up because the pain appeared suddenly and my heart ticking fast … Please give an explanation of what exactly causes my pain this dock?

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Hello, ana

Thank you for asking Alodoter

sudden headaches are indeed very disturbing there are several possible causes of sudden headaches among them:

tension type headaches
dehydration / lack of fluids
New headaches: These types of headaches usually appear suddenly. With symptoms of headaches that are pressing or the head feels tight. The pain starts from mild to moderate, without being influenced by certain activities. Generally occurs for three days in a row on the first attack.
headaches due to inracarnial pressure: Can be triggered by brain tumors, cysts or increased brain fluid volume so that the pressure in the head increases. Symptoms include headaches that appear suddenly, severe and accompanied by symptoms of other neurological disorders such as vomiting, convulsions and vision problems. However, it often starts with a constant headache for some time when the pressure inside the head cavity increases gradually before finally causing the symptoms above.
excessive stress

many possible causes of headaches that you experience, if the complaints of headaches that you experience do not improve for more than a week or headaches that are aggravated by vomiting, seizures, to the realization of consciousness, immediately go to the doctor for proper examination and treatment.

There are several things you can do to relieve the symptoms that you feel:

you can compress with ice cubes: immediately take a few ice cubes and wrap it in a small towel. Then, stick to the part of the head that hurts until you feel the pain begin to subside.
multiply drinking water at least 2 liters a day
light massage on the head, especially on the part that feels pain. Perform this step for several times in a certain period of time or when you feel the headaches come back.
avoid consuming caffeine
enough rest
You can take paracetamol to ease your headache
avoid excessive stress by doing yoga or meditation and relaxation at home

Thus the info that I can provide hopefully can help you

thank you

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