A Suitable Diet For People With Mediastinal Masses?

Illustration of A Suitable Diet For People With Mediastinal Masses?
Illustration: A Suitable Diet For People With Mediastinal Masses? pulmonologyadvisor.com

hello, I want to ask, what kind of diet is suitable for people with mediastinal mass? what is the diet menu and how is the explanation about the menu selection? thanks.

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Patients with mediastinal tumors may be caused by tumors from organs around the media stinum area, so for the initial stage, determining the cause of mediastinal tumors by your doctor is the first step for treatment and follow-up treatment.

In patients with mediastinal tumors, there may be some accompanying complaints, such as:

1. cough

2. tightness

3. chest pain

4. Cold sweat

5. Weight loss

6. Heart palpitations

7. nausea or vomiting

So it is necessary to take care to reduce the possibility of complaints that occur. Like avoiding fried foods, noodles, meatballs, fried rice to prevent annoying cough complaints. Avoid spicy, salty food, soda or coffee to avoid complaints of stomach discomfort or nausea.

While the diet that you can do, basically, there are no specific standards that you must consume, the diet is done to increase the consumption of healthy foods. So that during treatment, apart from avoiding risky foods, consuming soft or soft foods such as porridge, soft rice, or rice cake according to your clinical condition. However, if you feel that eating rice is more comfortable, or if you are not nauseous, you can eat rice.

Increase vegetables and fruit, consume balanced water, and consume milk regularly.

Therefore, consuming a healthy diet is a common form of diet for patients with tumors or neoplasms or possibly cancer. So that other foods related to the food menu that you buy, the type of food you consume remains a concern for your healthy menu.

And all of this you need to discuss directly with a clinical nutritionist doctor at the nearest hospital. Thus, nutritional information and healthy foods that support your physique are expected to help reduce complaints and support your recovery.

That is the information we can convey, also read mediastinal tumors.


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