A Voice Is Heard In The Right Ear

Illustration of A Voice Is Heard In The Right Ear
Illustration: A Voice Is Heard In The Right Ear healthyhearing.com

Goodnight Doctor, Doctor, I want to ask. My ears are currently having problems. I hear the sound of a thump in the right ear. I beg for an explanation. Thank you.

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 The appearance of sound or sound in hearing, both the right or left ear or even both, is called tinnitus. Sounds that appear can be hissing, humming, beating, rumbling and roaring. This symptom arises due to a disturbance in the part of the ear that delivers sound waves and / or disorders of the auditory nerve. Some of the following diseases are characterized by symptoms of tinnitus, namely:
 1. Serumen prop or earwax that hardens and covers the ear canal.
 2. Hardening of the hearing bones or otosclerosis.
 3. Injuries that affect the auditory nerve or the part of the brain that is connected to hearing function.
 4. Ear muscle tension.
 5. Benign tumors affecting the auditory nerve.
 6. As a result of taking certain drugs.
 7. And others.
 Because many things that may be the disease that underlies your complaint, it is necessary to have a medical interview and further examination directly. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic status, for now you can observe complaints until the WHO pandemic status is revoked. If there are no more outbreaks, you can consult an ENT specialist. However, if your ears suddenly experience severe pain or lose your ability to hear, you can immediately consult an ENT specialist while still avoiding physical contact, avoid touching your face before cleaning your hands with a hand sanitizer. However, if your hands are dirty, you should wash your hands using soap and running water.
 Thus hopefully useful.

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