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I want to ask, I have an abdominal wound after being bitten by a mosquito, it feels itchy so I scratch it. For a long time “the feeling continued to grow itchy, eventually it became wound and runny and clear, and kept wet, even though I was always sterile using antiseptic but not dry. What I wanted to ask was whether it could be related to sugar, but my family history had no illness. sugar, please explain.

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Mosquito bites are generally not dangerous and can heal then faint by themselves without the need for special handling. Your actions are scratching excessively mosquito bites are likely to cause irritation, so your wounds heal longer. Not only that, scratching mosquito bites, especially with unclean hands, can also make harmful microorganisms enter and infect the skin. It is this irritation and infection that may cause your mosquito bite to become itchy, sores, runny, and do not heal.

People with diabetes (sugar pain), do have a tendency to have a wound that heals longer. Not always, diabetics are born from families who also suffer from diabetes. Not infrequently, diabetics do not realize that they do indeed suffer from diabetes because they have never been examined. However, it does not necessarily mean, if you have a wound that has long healed, it means you have diabetes. In addition to diabetes, a variety of other conditions can also make the wound heal longer, including a significant size and depth of the wound, poor wound care, impaired immune system, immune disorders, and so on.

Before making conclusions too early, we recommend that you treat your mosquito bite wounds with the following efforts:

Clean the wound in the morning and evening, use clean gauze soaked with NaCl liquid, remove dirt, fluid, and dead skin cells attached to the skin, do not rub excessive wounds, do not also close the wound too tight
Use loose and clean clothes
Bath diligently, use antiseptic soap
Stop scratching or forcefully slash a scar on the skin
Drink more, eat balanced nutritious food
Do not carelessly provide treatment for mosquito bites without a doctor's advice

If with the steps above, your complaint does not improve within 1 to 3 days, you should check with your doctor or dermatologist so that the best solution is given, right?

I hope this helps.

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